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Please specify which type of work you would prefer. You should tick all appropriate boxes. The service we provide depends on accurate, up to date information. Please keep us informed of all developments, in your career and work preferences.

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Confidentiality Declaration

I have read and I understand the above and I agree to abide by the contents therein.

Enhanced Criminal Records Disclosure Information Sheet

Under the rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 you are required to reveal ALL convictions. This has to include ALL spent convictions as defined under the act.

We actively promote equality of opportunity for all, as stated in our Equal Opportunities policy, which can be found in your handbook or at your local office. If you are in any doubt whatsoever about a declaration, you must discuss this with your local office manager.

A conviction does not automatically prevent you from registering, however failure to declare, will lead to immediate action. You are required to inform us if you are convicted of a criminal offence, cautioned or have a hearing pending in the future.

What is an enhanced disclosure?

An enhanced disclosure is for positions involving greater contact with Children or vulnerable adults. In addition to the information provided on a standard disclosure, the enhanced disclosure involves an additional check with the police, who check if any information is held on file that may be relevant. The police decide what (if any) additional information will be added to the disclosure.

In rare circumstances the police may write to the employer separately giving confidential information about an ongoing criminal investigation into the applicant. This information may NOT be released to the applicant.

Examples of information that may not be released:

  • All spent convictions (from childhood up until present day)
  • Investigations that have not led to a criminal conviction
  • Any action taken against you by a local authority
  • Driving offences received through a court of law
  • Details of ongoing criminal investigations

If an offence is highlighted (when we receive your enhanced disclosure) that you have not declared your application may be withdrawn from the recruitment process.

For more information on CRB enhanced disclosures please call 0870 9090811 or visit their web site www.crb.gov.uk.


The information supplied on this form will be processed and stored in manual and computerised records for recruitment employment and management processes. You have the right to access this data. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Unsuccessful applicants will be retained for 3 months.

I declare that the information contained on this form is true and complete. I understand that if it is later discovered that any statement is false or misleading, it may be sufficient for cancelling any agreements made or I may be dismissed from employment by the company.

I consent to Evantu Recruitment holding and processing this information and give permission for reference checking in connection with my application. I understand too that an Enhanced Criminal Record Bureau Disclosure will be sought.

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